Spock Is Displeased

Spock Is Displeased

While Watching Xena This Morning


One of the hardest parts of being human is the disappointments in life. I mean there are times when you dream and aspire to do things, big or small, that you can’t accomplish, even if you try your hardest.

Its in these moments I wish I could be a person in a cartoon, or a live-action tv show. For instance, just this morning I got an E-mail that contained some very sad news about something I’d signed up for earlier in the year. I’d worked hard, but I didn’t make the cut.

So I decided to get my mind off of it by watching Xena: Warrior Princess. Xena was one of those people that I want to be. Some people wanted to grow up to be tour guide Barbie or Brittney Spears, I wanted to grow up to be over six feet tall, wear leather armour and be able to use a chakram with deadly accuracy.

Currently I am no where near six feet tall, I still am working on that armour and I just started working with a sling shot.

But as I was watching, I realised that even Xena had disappointments, regrets and hopes. Disappointments show us who we really are. When something is forged out of metal, it first has to be melted and turned white-hot in the fire. Then it has to be beaten and wrought. Finally, it is put into the water, cooled, refreshed and it finally shows the finished product.

The same is true with diamonds. With pressure and heat it turns into something beautiful.

So if your like me and have a disappointment or worry, remember that what you go through now can change you for the better.

New Sci-Fi Article


Hey People! I’m working on an article about science fiction for this blog and I’d like some input on what you guys feel like our future is going to be like. Please, no armageddons or things that already exist like jet packs. Just give a little thought about what might exist in the future.

Only (lets see…) three weeks til GEN-CON!

For those of us who love gaming, Gen-Con is like Christmas (Minus the part of our messiah coming to earth). Annually, in Indiannapolis there is an influx of almost fifty thousand people who come to this event. This year, for all you Dr. Who fans, our media guest of honor is Peter Davidson aka “The fifth doctor.”

There are many other things at Gen-Con, including about 300 vendor crammed into a space the size of a half to a whole football field, thousands of LARP’s, RPG’s, Tournements and so on and so forth. There is even a Kligon Jail and Bail.

(I found this set of Official rules on a Forum)

Official Rules

The Jailing process

You can have someone jailed at the donation of $1.00 per minute for a minimum of 5 minutes or $5.00. Any additional time is $1.00 per minute. There will be arrest forms (warrants) available at the table next to the jail. We will ask you to fill out the warrant of the accused. The warrant will require:

* Accused name: Actual name please but  you can also include their fandom name * Date: Self explanatory * List of Crimes: This little section is the meat and potatoes of the warrant. This is what is read aloud so everyone around them so that they know exactly why he is being arrested. We like it when a little creativity is put in the warrant; it makes it a little more interesting by the various reactions the accused makes as the crimes are read. So please be creative. * Minutes: This is the amount of the donation you are making. In the past many have pulled money together from other friends to increase the initiative jail sentence. In fact I have seen a Game master serve hours in jail. Just goes to show…GM’s are only god in game sessions. * Magistrate signature: This is not for you to sign. There is an acting Magistrate at the table; he is the one to sign it. Note: If you do happen to sign it then you have just earned yourself some time in jail. But since we doesn’t want you to be alone we will still arrest the person you where going to have arrested. Oh and they will get the warrant that you signed. For the record this is your only warning. * On the back we ask for a description and location of the accused. It helps us if someone can accompany the jailers to point out the accused from a distance. We do try to respect ones amnesty.  It’s always intresting to walk by and see someone in there.

One of the most interesting things about the Con, (Besides the Con itself,) is how the businesses in the area around the Indy convention hall make themselves more gamer friendly.

For instance, a few years back, the door man at the hotel I was staying at had on a full suit of armor.

Here’s hoping Darth Vader and the Clone Trooper will be there.

Stay weird people 😀

I Am Reading Country in the Cards.

At my church, I help teach kids ministery, and we are going through a series involving games. Anyways, we were looking at the four aces and I had a light bulb moment. Those four cards involved aspects of country music.

 Hearts= Break up, make up, Falling in love, and etc.

Diamonds=Money, working hard (It’s a stretch) finding something good (ie: love, music, revenge)

Clubs=Murder, revenge, usage of firearms

Spades=working hard, farming, and burying the above mentioned murdered person. (or prisoners who attempt to get away ie: “old Red”)

Just found that funny.

Oh, cool fact! All four of the king cards are based on real life kings. King of Spades is King David. KIng of Clubs is Alexander the Great. KIng of Hearts is Charlemange (Spell Check?).  Diamonds is Ceaser Augustus. Jus’ some trivia for your awake brain to think about while sleeping.

Stay weird People and GOOD NIGHT!


Animals in General


I have decided I am not an animal type of person. This discovery occured while I was babysitting a friend’s goats for a week while the person in question was at a Convention. I have decided that goat’s have to be either the most stubborn animals or the most moronic. You try to feed them, and the others attack you by ramming themselves into you. I don’t know how they ever survived the whole “survival of the fittest.” But I got to admit, they are adorable.