I Am Reading Country in the Cards.

At my church, I help teach kids ministery, and we are going through a series involving games. Anyways, we were looking at the four aces and I had a light bulb moment. Those four cards involved aspects of country music.

 Hearts= Break up, make up, Falling in love, and etc.

Diamonds=Money, working hard (It’s a stretch) finding something good (ie: love, music, revenge)

Clubs=Murder, revenge, usage of firearms

Spades=working hard, farming, and burying the above mentioned murdered person. (or prisoners who attempt to get away ie: “old Red”)

Just found that funny.

Oh, cool fact! All four of the king cards are based on real life kings. King of Spades is King David. KIng of Clubs is Alexander the Great. KIng of Hearts is Charlemange (Spell Check?).  Diamonds is Ceaser Augustus. Jus’ some trivia for your awake brain to think about while sleeping.

Stay weird People and GOOD NIGHT!



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