Only (lets see…) three weeks til GEN-CON!

For those of us who love gaming, Gen-Con is like Christmas (Minus the part of our messiah coming to earth). Annually, in Indiannapolis there is an influx of almost fifty thousand people who come to this event. This year, for all you Dr. Who fans, our media guest of honor is Peter Davidson aka “The fifth doctor.”

There are many other things at Gen-Con, including about 300 vendor crammed into a space the size of a half to a whole football field, thousands of LARP’s, RPG’s, Tournements and so on and so forth. There is even a Kligon Jail and Bail.

(I found this set of Official rules on a Forum)

Official Rules

The Jailing process

You can have someone jailed at the donation of $1.00 per minute for a minimum of 5 minutes or $5.00. Any additional time is $1.00 per minute. There will be arrest forms (warrants) available at the table next to the jail. We will ask you to fill out the warrant of the accused. The warrant will require:

* Accused name: Actual name please but  you can also include their fandom name * Date: Self explanatory * List of Crimes: This little section is the meat and potatoes of the warrant. This is what is read aloud so everyone around them so that they know exactly why he is being arrested. We like it when a little creativity is put in the warrant; it makes it a little more interesting by the various reactions the accused makes as the crimes are read. So please be creative. * Minutes: This is the amount of the donation you are making. In the past many have pulled money together from other friends to increase the initiative jail sentence. In fact I have seen a Game master serve hours in jail. Just goes to show…GM’s are only god in game sessions. * Magistrate signature: This is not for you to sign. There is an acting Magistrate at the table; he is the one to sign it. Note: If you do happen to sign it then you have just earned yourself some time in jail. But since we doesn’t want you to be alone we will still arrest the person you where going to have arrested. Oh and they will get the warrant that you signed. For the record this is your only warning. * On the back we ask for a description and location of the accused. It helps us if someone can accompany the jailers to point out the accused from a distance. We do try to respect ones amnesty.  It’s always intresting to walk by and see someone in there.

One of the most interesting things about the Con, (Besides the Con itself,) is how the businesses in the area around the Indy convention hall make themselves more gamer friendly.

For instance, a few years back, the door man at the hotel I was staying at had on a full suit of armor.

Here’s hoping Darth Vader and the Clone Trooper will be there.

Stay weird people 😀


One thought on “Only (lets see…) three weeks til GEN-CON!

  1. Natalie says:

    Oh, there will be storm troopers. Here’s to hoping for one in a kilt!

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