Ben Affleck to play Batman in ‘Man of Steel’ sequel


While I was driving this morning, I tuned into the radio and heard news that they were doing a Batman vs. Superman movie. I was naturally thrilled, considering the fact and I am a Batman fan from the tips of my ears to my toes, (sorry crown of head, your benched today) and enjoy every oppertunity of seeing Batman beat the tar out of Superman.

So I quickly learned from the radio program that Ben Affleck was set to play Batman. And people were already complaining. So I decided to say this as nicely as possible.

Be quiet. Be quiet and see how he does before you judge him. Because, honestly, Ben Affleck has more experience playing a masked vigilante then Christian Bale did when he started the Batman trilogy with Christopher Nolan. Doesn’t anyone remember Daredevil? Ben Affleck in my opinion, did an excellent job protraying the blind masked vigilante/lawyer out of Hell’s Kitchen.

And while I admit, I do not know much about the actual Daredevil comic, and people complained about Affleck as the man in red, I will reiterate that Affleck did a good acting job. If you don’t like the way he was represented, blame the director, the writers, and Marvel for OKing the script. (Like they did with Iron Man 2….How could they do that to the Mandarin?….I’m not bitter…much)

Also, any experience is good when playing a certain type of character, aka vigilantes. And honestly, I didn’t like Christian Bale as Batman. While he was good under the cowel, he wasn’t convincing as a billionaire playboy philathropist (Yes I stole that line) and he wasn’t at all attractive. But that’s my opinion.

All I’m saying is, give the man a chance to play the Dark Knight. Besides, even if he royally messes up, Batman will always rise again. Remember the George Clooney fiasco?

Stay wierd people and cross your fingers!!!


4 thoughts on “Ben Affleck to play Batman in ‘Man of Steel’ sequel

  1. Morgan Hazel says:

    Ironman 3 had the Mandarin, right? I agree on BA let him do his thing and then judge the performance.

  2. Highly descriptive blog, I liked that bit.

    Will there be a part 2?

    • I would need to see Ben Affleck do the role before doing a second part. Hopefully, I’ll be able to see the movie when it comes out in theatre. The second part would most likely come out as a review of the sequel.

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