Just thinking….

I am suprised hollywood hasn’t thought of this, but why not make a good (emphasis on good) ghost/possesion movie that involves a christian hero? I mean seriously, considering the fact that one, christians have the power over the bad guys from below and two, it is a relatively unused concept, why don’t they try it? And by christian, I don’t mean the catholic priests and bishops. I mean the everyday protestant christian. While the Catholic church is most known for exorcism, every christian, (from anglican to baptist) has the power to cast out demons and all that other bad stuff. It would be an interesting perspective I think, that a everyman christian (with nary a rosary nor flask of holy water in sight) has to help a person who has a poltergeist, or the boogeyman to contend with.

It’s not like major companies haven’t done good christian movies before…

So if you have heard of a movie with this description or know a good director with some time to burn, would you let me know?

Stay weird people!


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