Now is the time everyday that I usually do the funny pic. But today, I wanted to tell you about the Zombie Run I’m doing tomorow! First of all, its my first real running competition, its my first mud run, its my first 5k and its my first encounter with the living dead.

So on a background note, have any of you heard of Run For Your Lives? It’s everything I said above and it’s a charity run which is pretty exciting to say the least. If you want to check it out, look on the website link at the end of this post.

While I should be nervous about many thing, (the hard work, the straining of muscles, the sweat, blood, and tears etc.) There’s honestly one thing I’m worried about. The Zombies. Because honestly, I’ve never really had much experience around the undead. All you non-gamers are probably thinking: well duh! Zombies aren’t real my friend. But my gaming viewers (Viewers? Subscribers? IDK?) are probably thinking: Shame upon the mother, thy brother and thy cow!!!

I know what a zombie is. I used to watch my dad play the zombie games. I’ve played Zombicide (Brownie points to those who know it). But besides about two episodes of the Walking Dead and the White Zombie with Bela Lugosi, (Does that count?) I haven’t really seen that many zombies in motion.

So heres hoping I don’t get sick, die, or have a mental breakdown (all of which are mostly bad). Stay Weird People and here’s the link:



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