DC Universe Online Review


DC Universe Online started as a great idea. Future Lex Luthor tries to save the universe from Brainiac by giving powers to random citizens below. You are one of those people and you can become a hero under Wonder Woman (Magic) Superman (Mutant) or Batman (Tech) or a Villain under Lex Luthor (Mutant) Circe (Magic) or the Joker (Tech).

Though the graphics were alright they were subpar compared to the powerhouse City of Heroes (May it rest in peace). That was only the beginning of the problems. Since not all the players have desktop computers, the use of transport powers is limited on laptop computers. While this problem is only relevant only to some, there is another problem. Updating the transport powers only works if you have a certain button on your keyboard. Finally, there is a another problem. One day as I went into the hall of doom (Yes I was a Villain) I found my character stuck outside the hall of doom. When I looked online I found I wasn’t the only one with this problem.

However, there are bonuses. First, you are able to fight alongside of your favorite superheros (or villain >:D). Secondly, the missions pertain to what goes on in the DC Universe including the invasion of Trigon and defeating Bizarro. The character design was just as good as that of COH (RIP) and Champions Online. So if you are willing to deal with the various issues mentioned above, then I would say that playing DCUO would be an alright online game to play.


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