How I got “infected” and had fun at the Zombie Run!

At 6 o clock saturday morning My oldest sister and I drove for 3 hours to get to Run For Your Lives! It was hot, dusty, and over 90 degrees. Along with several members of our church, we lined up with the “entree” wave, and went ready….set….GO!!!
For the first five minutes everything was fine. (If you count crawling through mud, and going over and under log) Then we hit the first zombies and I lost my first to flags. Determined that this fate wouldn’t befall my last flag, I moved with the determination of a linebacker, and the grace of a ballerina. At least I think so. In reality I probably looked like a headless chicken.
After going through the mud and the woods and the undead, I finally got to the point that I could see the end. I was so close. All I had to do was pass the hay bales and do a little more running and then I would SURVIVE!!! Then I heard that fateful tearing sound.
I was dead. Or at least fated to join the dead. At least I wasn’t the only one. Only one of us survived. But I had a relatively good time. I’d never run a race before, and having a group with me, especially these ones, helped the miles pass easily (or as easily as it could). This is one of those times that times that working togather really helped accomplished a goal.
The zombies were pretty scary, but since I didn’t have a heart attack or anything, I can proudly say that I didn’t die!
However, because of the rather expensive entry fee, about a hundred dollars per person, I am going have to check my wallet before doing it again.
Overall it was a neat experience to anyone who likes running 5k’s.


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