Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman!

Gal-Gadot-as wonder womam

Yes, you heard it folks. Gal Gadot is cast in the upcoming Superman/Batman movie as the Diana Princess of the Amazons. While I was one of the people who want Jaime Alexander as the woman in the red white and blue swimsuit, let me tell you why I am alright with the casting.

First of all, Gal Gadot, at 5’9″, could reach the height of Wondy with the assist of camera angles and high heels. Remember folks, John Rhys Davies was the tallest person on set when he played Gimili the Dwarf in Lord of the Rings. If they can make him short, they can make her tall enough.

Second, Gadot has an exotic look about her that would reflect the amazonian heritage Wonder Woman came from. Her accent would also give the foreign feel. Also, Gadot’s role in the Fast and Furious movies will give her the edge she needs in the fight choreography and just looking formidable in general.

The only thing that I question is her build. She has a very slim build that doesn’t look like the Wonder Woman from the comics. Not that she has to look like a 2d comic character. She just has to bulk up a little. Those who have seen the Elektra movie know what I’m talking about.


Jennifer Garner isn’t huge, but she’s built like a fighter. And Stars have bulked up and bulked down for movies so Gal Gadot could do that in her role.

So all in all, just like I said about Ben Affleck as Batman, lets give her a chance and see what happens.


Oh and the costume designers would do well to make a costume like this. A mixture of armor and adding in pants. And hopefully there will be a moment like this:


Batman and Wonder Woman Forever! Stay weird people!


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