Justice League: War Review


Well, I just viewed the new DC movie “Justice League: War” and….let’s just start with the good stuff. It won’t take as long.

First off, most of the voices were alright. I say alright, but not great. The most remarkable voice match was probably Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern. Captain Marvel was good as well. Superman and Cyborg were off.

Ok, Bookwyrm. Stay positive. Now where was I. Oh yes. Positives…The animation, as usual, was excellent. As DC has gotten older and had more experience, the animation has gotten better. Positives. Nope. Now on to the other spectrum.

This may be the worst DC movie I have ever seen. Seriously! First, there is the matter of Batman and Wonder Woman’s voices. What happened there? That voice made me want to turn it off and turn on the Batman TAS and listen to Kevin Conroy (Nerds and other cool people know of whom I speak). But seriously, there are people that they have used in recent years in that same role that they could use as batman. They could have pulled Bruce Greenwood from Young Justice, Or Rino Ramano from The Batman, or even Kevin Conroy himself. He recently did two batman roles for them. Once in Flashpoint and in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

Now onto Wonder Woman. There are so many other people who could have done better. Susan Eisenberg from the JLA Animated series. Lucy Lawless from “The New Frontier”. Keri Russell from “Wonder Woman”. Vanessa Marshall from “Crisis on Two Earths”. Grey Delisle from “Trapped in Time”. Need I go on? Whoever voiced Wondy in this incarnation made her sound like a stupid, insufferable, brute. Not the ambassador, or wise warrior that Wondy is supposed to be.
Darksied, the villain, is supposed to be an incredibly intelligent, and deadly villain. However with lines like “You can’t defeat me I’m Darksied,” makes him sound as smart as a slug.
On top of the vocal flaws the language content was terrible.
There at least one use of the s-word, multiple uses of D-word and H-word, at least three uses of the a-word. This is beyond the language level in the comic books. Those comics were rated teen which should be the equivalent of a pg-13 movie.
While this is in the comic book, Darkseid has his eyes taken out. Most of the movie is fight scenes so there is a lot of bloodless violence.
Also, there is a man who admits to cross dressing. If this offends you then that would be a problem.

Never have I been so disappointed by a DC animated movie in my life, don’t buy it and don’t watch it. I don’t understand the recent climb of language in the DC movies. The script writers at DC comics are limiting the number of people who watch their shows by their reckless use of language in movies. It’s disappointing and sad since I always preferred their animated movies.