Book Excerpts

Here is an excert from the book I’m writing:

“As it got closer, the two noticed the cargo of the green painted wagon. The entire back of the wagon was a flat and carried a large metal cage with no door. In side the cage was the source of the roar. A great golden beast sat licking its large paws. Its eyes stared both of them down.

“Her name is Sekmeht,” A voice said from behind them.
They turned to see the driver behind them. He spoke in an eerily soft tone.

“Who are you?” Faran asked.

“I’m Zoltana the sorceress. I am part of this year’s…..entertainment,” She said.

“Your a woman?” Taran wondered

“Is my gender a problem?” The sorceress replied.

Thanos could see a two glints within the hood. Two green eyes flashed at the two.

“No! But isn’t it dangerous for a woman to drive alone to the Old Palace? With all the dangerous rebels about?” Faran remarked.

A merry laugh sprang up so suddenly, that the two men jumped.

“I do not travel alone,” She said.

“You don’t?” Thanos asked.

“Of course not. That would be foolish. I have Sekmeht to accompany me,”
Her words were laced in surprise that Thanos had addressed her.
“Who is your master?”

“Have they gotten into trouble?” Balmyr waddled to where they were standing. “Don’t you remember our discussion?”

Then the poor Euravi saw the beast in the cage. “My word!”

The creature seemed to roll its eyes and licked its paws gingerly. Then it laid down it’s mighty head and yawned, revealing a cavernous mouth and white fangs.

“We need to find a place to settle our wagon.” Balmyr seemed eager to leave the company of the creature. Achius and Thanos were happy to oblige.

“See you at the party,” Zoltana called with a laugh as they walked away.

She turned to the cage. “This will be one they will never forget, won’t it Sekmeht?”

The Beast stood up and ROARED in agreement. It’s gaping maw seemed to reach up to swallow the full moon.

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