Character Bio: Luck


Warning: The pictures aren’t even remotely good. However, They will give you an idea what the character looks like.

Name: Luck
Gender: Female
Age: (Approx.) 17
Race: Alastrian
Hair: White
Eyes:Sky Blue

History: As a baby, Luck was one of the unfortunate victims of a plague spreading in that part of Icio (the world they live in). Thankfully she was admitted in the presence of the Queen, one of the foremost healers in the world. For seven years Luck lived blissfully unaware of the war that was brewing outside the alastrian borders. All that changed in the months the Euravis, a race of grey-skinned men from the mountains, invaded her homeland. For the next ten years Luck slaved away in what used to be the palace of the Alastrian rulers. This is where she stands when our story begins.

Psychological Profile: Slim, petite, and shy, Luck is usually uncomfortable around strangers. However, she is deeply rooted in her faith to the Creator, the deity that created Icio and it’s peoples, and will, in her own way, stand up for what she believes in. After years of forced silence by her Euravian masters, Luck will often give short answers whenever someone talks to her, unless it is her best friend Awal, who she grew up with in the old Alastrian palace.


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