Character Bio: Thanos

Will update hopefully with pictures!

Height: 5′ 7″
Weight:145 lbs

BG: Thanos was immensely fortunate when the Euravis invaded the rural area around the border of the alstrian lands. He was bought when he was nine by a middle-class merchant named Balmyr. Even though Balmyr appeared to be outwardly supportive of the Emporer’s steady invasion of the other nations, his politics were in line with an entirely different way of thinking. Because of this, Balmyr was treated more like a distant relative than a slave. He was educated and eventually put in charge of a large portion of the merchant’s holdings. Because of this, Thanos became good friends with Balmyr’s son, Faran, and was given a great deal of respect from other Euravis.

Personality: Thanos is a quieter, solemn, person who rarely carries on long conversations with people he doesn’t know. Not because he is shy, but because he just doesn’t like wasting oxygen (Or whatever is in the atmosphere of Icio) or time, either his or that of others. He is hardworking, but doesn’t know when to quit. He is often put on forced vacation by his colleagues and boss, Balmyr.


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