‘Whodunnit’, the reality show that I don’t mind watching.

I once heard someone say that every reality show ever created was ripped off of either American Idol, or Survivor. While this is true, there are some rip offs that are especially good, and relatively original. (But unfortunately, American Idol has never been the same since Simon Cowell left as a judge.) Whodunnit is one of the shows that are that good.
After watching the first two episodes, I looked around at the forums and I got a little angry about the negetive trash I saw circulating around. And I quote,
“I love mystery shows but I hate reality t.v shows, I guess if there isn’t anything else on, I’ll watch it.” The response?
“Nope, just another reality show and I avoid them.”

What the heck is this guy talking about? Just another reality t.v. show? Are they really comparing one of the newest of brilliant t.v. shows to something as ridiculous as the Bachelorette?
First, I have to get the one negetive element off my chest. The murders are very farfetched. I won’t spoil any of the murders, but they are not typical murders.
However, this can be balanced with the fact the show is supposed to give off the air of an agatha christie play, like the “Mousetrap” or “Ten Little Indians”.
I don’t believe there are many good shows on T.V now a days.(besides Psych and Sherlock *Sigh* Benedict Cumberbatch) Most shows are over romanticised or full of foul language and innuendo. However, this show is a gem!
I first had my attention called to it by a friend of mine after she watched the first episode. The timing, the suspense, and the egotistical killer, are straight out of an armchair detective’s paradise. There is so much reality in the way the contestants address each other. I hope this show is able to become one of the top followed reality shows, because it’s spectacular.
So in short, watch the show. And if you can’t because you want to watch an episode of True Blood or whatever else is on at that hour, the episodes are online only a few days after the initial showing.
Stay weird everyone!


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