Solomon Kane Review


There are more than enough Conan movies. Arnold Schwarzenegger had his run, there was the less than successful version recently in 2011 with Jason Momoa, and there is yet another one in 2014 coming along (once again with Arnold Schwarzenegger). However, Conan (though he is an awesome character himself) isn’t the only character to come forth from the mind of Robert E. Howard.

There is Solomon Kane. I first read a Solomon Kane story when I was fifteen and sitting in a chiropractors office. Don’t ask what I was doing there. The story was about how Solomon comes across a girl from a village that was murdered by a maurauding group of bandits. Solomon hunts down the party and avenges the death of the girl. It was an excellent story.
During the course of the film Solomon Kane (made in 2009 but released in N. America in 2012) I was struck by how true they stayed to the character and how evenly and neatly they filled in the backstory of the dour Puritan that could wield two sabers and flintlock pistols like a pro.
Lets start with the few flaws in the movie (and believe me there were only a few) there were only a few. The CGI was a bit shaky in some parts, but it was rather well done in others (considering that they only had a budget of 45 million).
And honestly, there wasn’t anything else.
Everything was well done! The costuming was excellent (Done by John Bloomfield of Robin Hood:Prince of Theives) and the lighting created an atmosphere of dread and melancholy over the movie. Not only was the fighting well choregraphed, it was in character. The melee of Solomon Kane was precise, and exacting. It wasn’t just a hack slash fight (though those are good for Conan movies). The script, and directing were way above par (think eagle for you golfing fans). The story (as I mentioned before) was true to the character and the stories of Robert E. Howard.

One of the parts I like most about the making of the movie is the infrequent use of CGI. They used makeup and prosthetics (Well done by the way) to create the monsters.

For those of you who are parents, here is a brief overview of the content of Solomon Kane (Rated R).

There is very little to no innuendo, there is a few uses of D*** and H*** but all uses are in context.(Solomon Kane soul is condemned to the abyss if he strays from the path of peace. Won’t say anything more, don’t want to give spoilers)
There are several instances of shocking images(Spoilers) there are ghouls, a little girl turns into a witch, etc. (If you have watched episodes of x files that involve the monster of the week you should be fine)
The biggest thing that made this movie R is the gore. There is near constant action violence. There is beheadings, people being run through, guttings, slashings, pretty much everything but paper cuts. There is also a scene where the main character and another character is crucified.

All in all, the movie is a good example of how a low budget movie can turn out better than a big budget movie from a major studio.
For the parents in the audience, while this movie is pretty tame compared to other rated R movies, it is still rated R. This is a good movie for a teenager just starting to experience rated R movies. Staring James Purefoy as Solomon Kane, this is the best Sword and Sorcery movie I have ever seen.

Here is the trailer for the movie: Solomon Kane Trailer


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