20 two sentence horror stories


20 two sentence horror stories

Try not to read them home alone. If you are going to, kudos to you! Oh, and could someone explain number 13? I really don’t get it.

Oh, here is my humble submission:

I hope those teenagers are smarter than they look. I’m starving.

eh, that could’ve gone better. Do you guys want to try? Just put some in the comments area below.


I was born in the wrong century…

I was born in the wrong century...

If only I could sew this well, and could wear it out in public I would. Every day. But alas, I can only do both around Halloween. At least the wear it out in public part.

5 Rules For Horror That Everyone Should Know


Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up as someone else and watching horror and munching on my favorite treats. But I also love halloween because it is a day when I meet up with my dad to watch a scary movie. And scary movies have taught me so much. Here’s 5 rules for survival just for you.


1. Check your house history before moving in.
Murders, deaths, suicides, they’ve all happened in houses. Do yourself a favor and check it’s background. You don’t know what could be there.
Proven in: Amityville Horror, Rose Red etc.


2. Living and Debauchery don’t mix.
Who dies first in the movies? Point made.
Proven in: Friday the 13th, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, (need I go on?)


3. Children are Evil
Not all children….. just ones that never talk….and dissect small animals…..and have unhealthy interests in the occult….
Proven in: Halloween, Orphan, The Grudge, The Ring, Mama, The Exorcist etc.


4. Scientists Can Be Stupid Too
Have you ever noticed that one of the first people to die after the debaucheriers (is that a word?) is the person who wants to study it?
Proven in: Darkness Falls, Independence Day, The Creature From the Black Lagoon movies, etc.


5. Don’t Check it.
The breaker, the noise, the doorbell, the light in the supposedly abandoned house. Don’t check it, RUN FOR IT!!!!!

Proven in: Do I even need to list them?

Happy Late Halloween and happy Hauntings! Stay Wierd People!

Sorry your day was sad….Here’s a picture to make you glad! (pre-monday editon)

Once again, monday will come. But since they will come no matter what we do 😦 here are some pictures to ease you in to week.










Cutest child’s costume ever! (aka Sorry your day was sad, here’s a picture to make you glad!)

Cutest child's costume ever! (aka Sorry your day was sad, here's a picture to make you glad!)

Baby Carl Fredrickson from Up! With Halloween next month, (I’m one of those people who talk about costumes more than a month before) I thought this was too cute a pic to pass up posting!