Diary of A Civilian #1

(Here’s my re-posting of a story idea. Enjoy!)


Dear Diary,

Hi, my name is Jackie.
Your name is Diary.
Now that we’re introduced, I probably should tell you why I started writing in you. One, Spock (my siamese cat) can’t carry a decent conversation to save one of his nine lives. Two, my best friend Heather finally decided to move to our eastern division of Chrysanthemum Catering. We’d been best friends since we could talk, well mostly since she could talk, I listened.

When I asked her why she had to go, she said something about how the city was constantly being destroyed in the battles between Superheros and Villains. I guess I can understand that. I mean if I woke up one morning and found that the wall dividing my home from the morning air was gone, I’d be upset too. So she left earlier this week, and I’m already am going crazy. Yesturday, I had an entire conversation with Spock, who in disdain for my humanity, said “Mrow” and went into the kitchen to nibble on the leftovers from breakfast in a bowl.

I guess I should try to make more friends, but honestly, everyone at the office is so busy. In a big city on the east coast, Crown City to be specific, a catering business has alot to do. And to pay for the rent on my apartment, which is about a king’s ransom a month, I have to work not only in the office for scheduling, but work the events as well. Tonight, I have a major event to work.

The Mayor is deciding to present another key to the city to Powerhouse, a stud in spandex that just saved us yet again from doom. Whoop-de-doo.

Tell you if anything happens. After all, some idiot villain might show up. When I think about it, if a idiot villain destroys the dirty dishes, I won’t have to clean them.

Here’s crossing my fingers,



Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t put up pictures. This might have made you Blue. Here’s some funny Pictures to make it up to you!

Sorry I’ve missed putting these up here, I had a paper to write. But now to celebrate getting finished, here’s some pictures about writing. (Oh the irony, I had to retype writing four times)






One of the things I do in my spare time is write. Mostly dead end ideas, to be explored later of course, but recently I have been working on the beginnings of a novel. I had written about fifty pages when I ran into an old friend of my mother’s who used to be a teacher.

I’d never really had a person look over the novel seriously, except a friend, and if you are reading this now, you should know who you are. So I asked her If she would look over it for me, you know, spell check and grammer and all that jazz. I also wanted to know if I was just fooling myself with this writing thing, so I crossed my fingers and sent her the manuscript.

Here was part of her response that I just got today:

I’ve read your manuscript once and am reading it again. There is so
much for me to learn about the various characters and their
cultures/histories. Your writing has a mature voice, and your word
choice is original and fresh. I like the benevolent attitude that
underscores your work; you are not just an observer of the world
you’ve created. The enthusiasm you have for your characters is easily
captured by your readers.
When I complete my second reading, I will go back and make any
suggestions/corrections related to grammar, spelling, punctuation,
etc. I’m enjoying my time with your words.

I was so happy I started crying right then and there. An excerpt from the manuscript is under “book stuff” along with a few character bios.

Stay wierd people and have a good evening!